Seamonster Digital is a team made up of twin brothers Abram and Logan Seaman, two young filmmakers based in New York City. They’ve collectively worked almost every job in production and post-production, from producing to editing to VFX to directing and art directing.

With a wide range of skills and talent, Seamonster Digital strive to make the illest of video content using cutting-edge digital techniques. 

Hit Seamonster Digital up for your next big production, whether it’s for directing, editing, vfx/motion gfx.


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Lexus Design Disrupted


Working directly under Radical Friend, Seamonster Digital designed and animated the second act of Lexus Design Disrupted, a holographic dance performance and fashion show.

H&M - Kilo Kish “IOU Remix”


Editing, Art Direction, Graphics and Animation by Seamonster Digital

Benny Benassi - “Let This Last Forever”


Visual FX by Seamonster Digital

The Gold Digest 2014 Hotlist


Creative Direction and Post-Production by Seamonster Digital.

Nicholas Megalis - “Gummy Money”  


Post-production by Seamonster Digital.

Nicholas Megalis - “Forget It In A Day”


Directed and produced by Seamonster Digital.

Logan’s Reel. Abram worked on a lot of this as well.